2D Art:

Are you an aspiring painter? Do you doodle more than writing notes in class? Put your inspiration on canvas with the 2D
art competition!

3D Art:

Think you have what it takes to be the next great sculptor? Is clay your ultimate inspiration? Show us your skills in the 3D
art competition.

Fashion Design:

You don’t just love fashion, you design it! Get inspired by the MIST theme to become the next fashion phenomenon.

Graphic Design:

If you’re the Photoshop or Illustrator whiz that everyone goes to for event flyers, the graphic design competition is for
you. Pixelate away!


Not only do you carry around your camera with you all the time, but you see everything as an opportunity for the perfect
photo. Those other artists, yeah, they’re cool - but you prefer a lens and the dark room for your creative pursuits.


This competition gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your baking skills! You'll have the chance to bake cupcakes and design them for the judges!