We are happy to introduce our new incentive program, the Deen Spirit Award! We, Muslim-Interscholastic Tournament find it a necessity for our students to recognize two words: Deen and Iman. These are just two of the most important words in the life of the Muslims, because success in this life and in the Hereafter depends on those two things: Understanding the meaning of these two words, and applying this meaning in life. 
A student who willingly chooses to attend a lecture that discuss hadiths, the Quran, the Life of The Prophet S.A.W, or anything that allows them to learn more about Islam in general will be given Incentive points for MIST Houston Regionals! This Incentive Program is something brand new we are implementing in our scoring system to ensure that our students choose to take the opportunity to learn about our deen even outside of the MIST weekend. Attend different events and write a summary about what you learned. Please fill out the form below for all of your submissions!