Each team registering will need the following:

  • Student Signature Sheet
  • Parent Permission Letter: Used for students who want to join MIST but do not have an MSA and must represent their school unofficially. This letter is submitted to the student’s school, not to MIST.  A parent/guardian should sign this letter.
  • School Permission Letter: If a MIST Regional falls on a school day, students must print this letter and have their coach sign it and show it to the school’s principal or assistant principal for approval. This letter may also help your team get transportation from the school to the tournament.
  • *FOR BROTHERS BASKETBALL PLAYERS* Please fill out THIS WAIVER FORM and bring it to the Tournament on Sunday, March 26th! The University of Houston Recreation Center will NOT let you enter unless you have this waiver form filled out completely! 

When registering for MIST Nationals, the following form is needed: