#MISTMONOLOGUES is our new blog on our website that will feature YOUR writing pieces! Every Monday we will post a different student's blogpost and showcase it on our social media. We want to spotlight our creative MISTIFIED students!

So, if you've got something on your mind, write it into a blogpost and submit it to us! Whether it be on a current event, a personal experience, or you want to share your top ten list, we want to read it. We want to see your creative, comedic, and insightful side! It does not have to be relative to MIST (though we'd love to read some that are :) ).

Email your submission to mist.texas@gmail.com including: 
-Name (Please specify if you do not want your name included in the post)
-MSA/High School Name
-Blog post Title
-Writing Submission
-And a cover photo (optional)

We can't wait to read what goes on in those MISTified minds!